As virtual reality gains momentum, Indiana University Bloomington sees applications from art to anthropology.

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Product Review

Rev into Hyperdrive

Hyperconverged infrastructure brings cloudlike functionality to in-house data centers.

Product Review

Elite Performance

HP’s EliteBook Folio G1 is an impressive choice for users in pursuit of both form and function.

Security Save

Under the Radar

Deploy built-in security features and best practices to keep campus printers safe.

Get Smart

Partnerships and best practices help staff embrace the cloud without risk.

IT Futurist

Battery Boost

Researchers’ energy-saving battery technology promises long life for smart devices.



Nonstop News

As technology transforms the way we create and consume news, journalism schools are redefining the tools of the trade.


Make the Case

Sharing space can be a win-win arrangement for institutions and their partners.


The New Frontier: Erik Lauffer

EdTech interviews the director of Georgia State University’s Office of Institutional Research about data integration and why administrative support is critical.


The New Frontier: Mike Kelly

The University of South Carolina’s chief data officer discusses the potential and the complexities of data analytics.


The New Frontier: Jason Fishbain

EdTech speaks with the chief data officer at the University of Wisconsin–Madison about early successes and emerging applications in data analytics.


The New Frontier: Lisa Daniels

The assistant vice president for analytics at Excelsior College explains the value of training and the importance of diverse skills.


Revised Edition

Today’s college libraries are hubs of collaboration, powered by technology-enhanced learning spaces.


From Disability to Ability

Training and the right tech tools help colleges deliver course materials that are accessible to all students.


Contributor Column

Majority Rules

Early adopters count, but consensus is the key to ensuring innovations take root.

Letter From the Editor

Time for a Change

The transformation of higher education through technology opens up new vistas and new opportunities.