Colleges and universities routinely expect the unexpected in order to keep IT running and campus communities safe.

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Best Practices

Special Delivery

Follow these best practices to ensure that your VDI deployment delivers the performance that users demand.

Product Review

Review: A Real Backup Plan

Consider this easy-to-use backup solution for any type of infrastructure design.

Product Review

Review: Educational Experiences

Cisco’s digital media player upgrades classrooms for high-tech learning.

IT Takeaway

Smart Modernization

By taking risks, Columbus State Community College transformed itself into a modern campus.


Security School

California State University security chief William Perry looks beyond the horizon for solutions.

Tech Tips

Keep Student Data Safe

Implement these six key components for effective cybersecurity at your university.



Leaner Faster Smarter

Universities and colleges centralize IT resources to save money, gain efficiencies and improve service.


Rethink the Broader Network Picture

As colleges and universities race to keep up with demand for connectivity, their state-of-the-art networks begin to rival those of Fortune 500 companies.


Power to Discover

State-of-the-art HPC clusters tackle complex problems and mountains of data.


A Global Education Experience

Universities are building overseas campuses, but IT departments must equip students, faculty and staff with the same technology they have at home.


Letter From the Editor

Higher ed institutions across the country are going all-in on network upgrades.

Contributor Column

Universities could improve mobile applications by engaging students in the design process.

Contributor Column

Higher ed needs a solid plan to accommodate students’ and faculty’s increasing mobile device use without getting in over their heads.