Oct 28 2015

Developing a Real Backup Plan with Symantec's Backup Exec 15

Consider this easy-to-use backup solution for any type of infrastructure design.

Backup Exec 15 is the latest version of Symantec’s versatile backup and recovery software.

Although new this year, the development cycle for the software goes back to the early 1990s. As a result, Backup Exec 15 has a maturity, ease of use and feature set that few other products can equal.

With an administrator’s guide that runs more than 1,300 pages, this is not a product for the novice or the faint of heart. Backup Exec 15 is fully capable of supporting backups and disaster recovery for the largest multinational organization.

For all its complexity, Backup Exec 15 is fairly easy to install. Not only is the installation process well automated, but also the ancillary parts needed can be installed automatically.

Large organizations may already have SQL Server and some of the other components in place, as will disk-based backup targets or tape libraries. In that case, the settings needed to configure the necessary accounts and permissions are well documented.

Designed to support various types of infrastructure design, Backup Exec 15 includes agents for the most common server applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server, Oracle, Windows and Linux clients, server OSs, and the Hyper-V and VMware hypervisors. Backups can be restored to bare metal (new hardware) or to virtual machines, whether the original system was a physical or virtual system.

For larger organizations, Symantec’s Backup Exec 15 offers the full set of features necessary to ensure that everything throughout the network is protected by a single system that can be managed from one console.

It offers the flexibility to delegate roles to dozens or hundreds of local administrators, while keeping centralized reporting and notifications available to the leaders of the IT department.

Overall, Backup Exec 15 seems to be the powerful and easy-to-use product it claims to be.

Rudolf Vlcek/Getty Images

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