Jan 25 2024

Review: The ViewSonic M1 Mini Plus Projector Is a Smart Learning Tool

This portable presentation device is a handy teaching tool and a remarkable feat of engineering.

Small, portable projectors that can be easily carried and set up anywhere are extremely popular right now. They are used for everything, from entertainment to business — any activity where a big viewing area can enhance the experience. They are especially good for today’s learning environments, where lectures are often conducted outside of classrooms in spaces not traditionally designed for instruction.

Almost all portable projectors currently available are tiny compared with their 10-pound predecessors, but most still require being tethered to something — a laptop, smartphone, wireless network or even a power outlet — to operate. The new M1 Mini Plus Projector from ViewSonic is the first to completely cut those ties, providing a fully functional and portable device with no support or secondary equipment needed.

The M1 — a tiny, 4-inch block that is 1 inch tall and weighs less than a pound — packs a surprisingly strong internal battery that can drive presentations for almost two hours per charge. The user simply opens the lens cover, which doubles as the stand on which the M1 rests, to automatically switch the projector on and start presenting. From that point forward, everything is controlled using a small remote that’s about the size of a few stacked credit cards.

M1 Mini Plus Projector


The ViewSonic M1 Plus Mini Projector Is Easy to Set Up

ViewSonic has made setting up the M1 extremely easy. The projector automatically adjusts vertical keystone measurements to make images look good even when projected on a wall, ceiling or other irregular surface. Presentations can be streamed from 4 gigabytes of internal storage or through an HDMI cable, USB 2.0 port, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Audio comes from an internal 2-watt JBL cube speaker that sounds amazing, especially given its size, and is loud enough for anyone within about 10 feet of the unit to hear easily.

The M1 projects at 120 lumens. At a short-throw distance, with the projector just 40 inches away from a surface, images are clear across the 40-inch viewing area even in daylight. However, if you want to project a larger image by moving the device farther back, you should dim the lights.

As a portable presentation tool, the ViewSonic M1 Mini Plus Projector is amazingly effective and an impressive feat of engineering. Offering such an effective business tool (which could double as a personal entertainment device) at a consumer-friendly price would not have been possible even just a few years ago.


DEVICE TYPE: Portable LED Projector
AUDIO OUTPUT: 2-watt internal JBL speaker
DIMENSIONS: 4.3x4.1x1.1 inches
WEIGHT: 10.58 ounces


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