Jun 09 2014

POV: 5 College Grads Walk Down Aisle With Google Glass

Several students this year used Google’s wearable tech as they walked down the aisle.

Part of the wonder inspired by wearable technology is in considering how it can change the way we experience life by showing us another perspective.

Early adopters of Google Glass in higher education have already found innovative uses of the device's camera for instruction and for helping hearing-impaired students in the classroom.

A group at Brigham Young University has been hard at work on "Signglasses," a special app that projects American Sign Language narration onto a Google Glass lens during presentations. In a demonstration video, a deaf student can more easily grasp a lesson in a planetarium while using Google Glass, instead of switching her focus between narration and the stars.

The low profile of the device's camera also introduces opportunities for creative uses.

A few students have donned the high-tech glasses, along with cap and gown, to share their graduation experiences from their points of view with the rest of the world.


Champlain College 2014 graduation


Eleanor Roosevelt College 2014 graduation

University of Missouri 2014 graduation

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics 2014 graduation

California State University 2013 graduation


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