Dec 13 2016

Yorkville High School Creates Learning Spaces to Promote Collaboration

Through an expansion of infrastructure and an increase in access points, the Illinois school has created an environment where learning can happen anywhere. Thanks to their Learning Stairs — complete with ports to charge devices — and ubiquitous network access, students are collaborating and working creatively thoroughout the school. 


    Tim Shimp, Superintendent, Yorkville (Ill.) CUSD 115

    Ryan Adkins, Director of Technology, CUSD 115

    Jennifer Waldvogel, Creative Writing Teacher, CUSD 115

    Steve Reese, Network Administrator, CUSD 115

    Spencer Snider, Senior, CUSD 115

    Alexx Nauman, Senior, CUSD 115

Video Highlights

  • Yorkville High School's Learning Stairs create an informal and comfortable environment for students to collaborate.
  • With a boosted infrastructure and more access points, STEM classes can be more innovative.
  • Charging ports all around the school make digital collaboration easier.

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