Sep 11 2013

Tech to the Rescue

The discovery of Rescue Union School District’s problems with its emergency communications network has unearthed a number of benefits.


    • Sheila Simmons, David Swart and Larry Garcia of Rescue Union School District
    • Jeff Warshaw, formerly of Marina Village Middle School

Video Highlights

  • A 2011 safety assessment uncovered coverage gaps in Rescue Union School District’s paging system, leading district officials to begin a yearlong evaluation of possible solutions.
  • Consultations with law enforcement personnel, parents and vendor partners helped RUSD develop an everyday and emergency communications system that includes InformaCast emergency notification software, AND indoor IP speakers and Valcom outdoor IP speakers.
  • Network upgrades to support the new system, along with speaker installations and the software rollout, began in late December 2012.
  • All seven campuses are now equipped with and using the solution.

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