Dec 22 2015

Medina Central Upgrades Network to Enhance Future Learning

This New York school district recently powered up its technologies to create a better experience for both teachers and students.


    Christian Held, Math Intervention Teacher, Clifford Wise Middle School

    Brian Richards, Network and Information Systems Manager, Medina (N.Y.) Central School District

    Jeff Evoy, Superintendent, Medina (N.Y.) Central School District

    Denise Stappenbeck, Director of Curriculum, Medina (N.Y.) Central School District

Video Highlights

  • A state grant allowed the district to pursue better leadership through technology.
  • The district embarked on a four-year plan to bring all of its equipment up to date in time for PARCC tests.
  • The new network at Medina Central runs on a 1Gbps backbone, and gives students new opportunities to participate in classrooms.