Dec 06 2017

In Illinois, Determined Leaders Bring Technology to the Classroom

With a new wireless network and a one-to-one Google Chromebook initiative, Cicero Public School District 99 expanded students’ access to 21st-century learning.


    Rudy Hernandez, Superintendent

    Cao Mac, CIO

    Bryan Snyder, Executive Director, Instructional and Digital Technology

    Shariel Espinoza, Third-Grade Teacher

Video Highlights

  • A suburban Chicago district leverages E-rate funding and a vision from leadership to fast-track a major networking upgrade.
  • “Our students now are really able to learn in a way that they were never able to learn before,” says Cicero Public School District 99 CIO Cao Mac.
  • A one-to-one rollout, supported by a professional development initiative, has empowered teachers to integrate technology into the classroom effectively.

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