Oct 12 2022

IT Experts Reveal Critical Incident Response Best Practices for K–12

Ransomware, phishing, distributed denial of service and other cyber breaches and attacks are becoming more common in K–12 schools. With threat vectors changing every day, school IT leaders say incident response is more critical than ever.

EdTech recently hosted a mini-roundtable with three IT experts in K–12 cybersecurity who shared how schools of all sizes can minimize their risk profiles and mount a powerful response in the event of an attack.

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    Craig Larsen, Information Systems Administrator, Eastern Carver County (Minn.) Schools

    Dwight R. Levens Jr., Executive Director of Technology, Oakland (Mich.) Schools

    Mikela Lea, Principal Field Solution Architect, CDW/Focal Point

    Taashi Rowe, Managing Editor, EdTech: Focus on K–12

Video Highlights

  • Properly educating end users can make a big difference in a school’s security efforts.
  • Internal and external penetration testing gives schools better visibility into what they are up against.
  • Having a plan for each type of cyber incident and regularly testing those plans can help schools respond more quickly.