Jul 11 2022

Watch & Learn: Student and Data Safety Through Cybersecurity

K–12 districts have faced a relentless influx of cyberattacks since transitioning to online learning in response to the pandemic. Michelle Bourgeois, CTO at Colorado’s St. Vrain Valley Schools, and Tim Tillman, CTO at Chesterfield County Public Schools in Virginia, share their strategies for improving cybersecurity in their districts.

Both IT leaders take a proactive approach to online security, emphasizing the importance of protecting student data and school networks. They urge other K–12 districts to train staff in cybersecurity best practices and implement security solutions and best practices before a cybercriminal strikes.


    Michelle Bourgeois, CTO, St. Vrain Valley Schools

    Tim Tillman, CTO, Chesterfield County Public Schools

Video Highlights

  • Cybersecurity training can help educators and staff recognize cybersecurity threats, such as phishing emails.
  • District security must become more sophisticated to fend off increasingly advanced cyberattacks.
  • Analyzing district security and proactively making an incident response plan helps protect against cyberthreats.