Mar 05 2021

CoSN2021: AI and the Future of Learning

Artificial intelligence is a broad term. For educators and administrators, it can be helpful — but also confusing. AI is often thought of as something that impacts the world of business, but it is starting to have an influence in school districts. During CoSN2021, we spoke with experts to help illuminate how AI will improve and enhance outcomes for both students and educators. 

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    Jeremy Roschelle, Executive Director, Learning Sciences, Digital Promise

    Judi Fusco, Senior Researcher, STEM Teaching and Learning, Digital Promise

Video Highlights

  • AI has the demonstrated potential to support classrooms and teachers in new pedagogical situations.
  • AI tools can help teachers understand what their students actually know, how they are learning and where they might need extra support.
  • IT leaders in school districts need to involve a wide range of stakeholders to ensure AI is being deployed in an equitable way in classrooms.