Jul 07 2022

ISTELive 2022: Why Digital Equity is Fundamental in K–12

Many may not realize it, but digital equity and inclusion is a large part of technology work, says Marlo Gaddis, CTO for the Wake County Public School System in North Carolina and secretary for the Consortium for School Networking. We spoke to Gaddis and Diane W. Doersch, director of technology for the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools at Digital Promise, about the crucial role IT can play in making sure school systems support diversity, equity and inclusion among students and staff.

DIVE DEEPER: Diane W. Doersch shares more about what can be done to improve digital equity nationwide.

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    • Marlo Gaddis, CTO, Wake County Public School System
      and Secretary, Consortium for School Networking
    • Diane W. Doersch, Director of Technology for Verizon Innovative Learning Schools for Digital Promise; Chair-Elect for the Consortium for School Networking

Video Highlights

  • How schools set up systems from the start can impact students’ sense of belonging.
  • Having a digital equity and inclusion officer can be a great way to begin the work of looking at systems and processes across the board.
  • Digital equity includes providing internet access for all students at all times, as well as having equitable hiring practices.