Mar 09 2021

CoSN2021: K–12 Leaders Adapt and Reposition in the New Normal

The coronavirus pandemic has upended how schools operate, and IT leaders in school districts across the country have had to adapt on the fly in a variety of ways. Modes of learning have shifted dramatically, as has the role of technology leadership. During CoSN2021, we spoke with Pete Just, CTO and COO of the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, Ind., about how K–12 IT leaders have had to evolve toward a new normal. 

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    Pete Just, CTO/COO, Metropolitan School District of Wayne (Ind.) Township

Video Highlights

  • Over the past year, teachers, parents and students have become more acclimated to synchronous schoolwork through real-time video.
  • IT leaders and district administrators have been forced to rethink the best ways to deliver material to students. 
  • Moving forward, district IT leaders will need to invest wisely to foster long-term positive change.