PBL advocates say it helps students find relevance and develop a personal connection to lessons.
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Tech Trends

Reading, Writing and Robots

Hands-on activities teach coding, engineering and other STEM essentials at classrooms throughout the country.

Product Review

A Smarter Camera

This network camera might be the most advanced, easiest to use surveillance device to hit the market yet.

Product Review

Master Diversity

This notebook is flexible enough to handle everything from student projects to teachers’ administrative tasks.

Tech Tips

Ready for a Makeover

Put together your refresh team and take advantage of summer months to rethink your K–12 learning environment.

Tech Tips

Security Included

Microsoft Edge gives users an effortless layer of protection.

Get Smart

A Matter of Perspective

Social media, professional development and strategic thinking shape the way teachers and learners engage.

IT Futurist

Balancing Act

Biometrics have potential to improve security, while raising new questions about privacy.

Security Save

Offer Better Protection

Follow these five guidelines to ensure you’re doing everything you can to safeguard student information.



A Second Act

Audiovisual and multimedia tools breathe new life into facilities and programs.


On Guard

Student safety, network health and federal compliance — internet monitors and filters do it all.


Fast Forward

Category 2 expansion and higher funding cap bring connectivity to more schools.


Build a Business Case

IT leaders get creative to convince district leaders and government agencies to invest in network upgrades.


Letter From the Editor

A Moving Target

Predictions about changes in the world of work prompt a rethinking of pedagogical aims and strategies.

Contributor Column

Make It Count

Personalization, coaching and flexibility help teachers get the most out of coaching on educational technology.

Contributor Column

What Is 'Tradigital' Learning?

A more student-centered learning approach blends the best of the traditional classroom with more modern, digital learning environment tools and tactics.