Educators use G Suite and Office 365 to maximize instruction.

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Tech Tips

Know Your Surroundings

This solution allows IT and cybersecurity teams to redirect efforts toward high-value targets.

Product Review

Chill Out

Hardware options boost cooling power and energy efficiency in small server rooms.

Security Save

Many Moving Pieces

Learn about services to automate and expedite user management that also address IT operational and security challenges.

Product Review

Save Your Data from a Rainy Day

Schools can rest easy knowing that their information is being automatically saved to the cloud with the Acronis toolset.

Tech Tips

Game On

Incorporate a game-based teaching style into the classroom without spending a lot of time or money.

Get Smart

Prepare Today for Tomorrow's Tech

Helping prepare kids for the workforce can be done with a few simple classroom changes.

IT Futurist

Chain Reaction

Emerging peer-to-peer technology could help elementary and high school records become more portable.


Get in the Game

New company Legends of Learning offers 900 research-backed games to educators.



Helping Hands

Three schools share advice so you too can create a volunteer program that benefits teachers, students and the community.


Go the Distance

Virtual classrooms serve special student requirements, new academic initiatives and help keep remote locations in touch with new learning opportunities.


High Marks

Google, Microsoft, Adobe and others offer programs to help get teachers up to speed, and districts often pay for them.


STEM for All

Tools give students with special needs the same access to science and math activities as other schoolchildren.


Letter From the Editor

Help Is On the Way

Districts can rely on added help while students gain valuable real-world experience.

Contributor Column

Does Research Matter?

Teachers should use a more informed process to investigate personalized learning devices.

Contributor Column

Cost Concerns

CoSN report highlights the challenges preventing districts from ensuring digital equity.