K–12 districts increase security measures as more students bring their own devices to school.

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I.T. Practice & Pedagogy

Eliminate Barriers to Change

An expert offers her advice for moving forward with technology-infused learning.


Hackers Beware

Expert offers five tips to defend against hackers and other breaches.

Tech Trends

Expanding Access

Wi-Fi becomes a necessity as more school districts log on for learning.

Product Review

Smart Hardware for Serious Students

Great processing power and handy tools for studying and sharing move this device to the head of the class.

Tech Watch

One Wearable to Rule Them All

Educators are discovering wearable devices that can transform surfaces into interactive media spaces.



On the Frontlines

Investments in high-tech security tools provide eyes and ears in school hallways.


Get Up, Stand Up

Grade schools pin high hopes on standing desks and mobile classroom design.


Making Spaces

'All good makerspaces put kids first in all that they do.'


Personal Best

Founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife, Priscilla Chan, tour the school and begin collaboration on personalized learning project.


From the Editor

With vigilance and technology, such as camera systems and other emergency preparedness tools, schools in the United States will have a better chance at keeping our children safe.

Contributor Column

A Texas district overcomes challenges to bring mobile technology to rural students.

Contributor Column

The Need for Speed (and Bandwidth)

Digital learning environments put stress on networks.