Hybrid courses — part online, part face to face — create new opportunities for teachers, students.

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Tech Trends

Remote Control

Software-defined networking gives resource-strapped IT departments the ability to remotely manage network devices.

IT Takeaway

Challenges and Successes: Online Communities of Practice

CoSN offers access to collaborative learning environments for K–12 education leaders.


Positive Connection

Five-step process helps school district set up site-to-site VPN tunnel with CDW•G to transmit images.

Product Review

Limber Up

Lenovo’s latest ultraportable notebook combines a flexible form factor with a more-than-capable computing punch.

Tech Tips

Mix Master

Turn traditional PowerPoint presentations into interactive, multimedia lessons with these four useful tips.


Data Watch

The Department of Education’s Kathleen Styles wants schools to proactively protect sensitive student information.

Product Review

In a Snap

Fujitsu’s latest overhead scanner lets educators digitize texts of any size — at the push of a button.



New Dimension

Schools use 3D printers to foster creativity, build enthusiasm and teach real-world skills.


Power Up

Districts use a combination of planning, teamwork and the right technology to revamp the network backbone in support of BYOD and other bandwidth-heavy innovations.


Total Package

With the evolution of educational apps, schools eschew traditional classroom hardware in favor of a single notebook form factor — with multiple uses.


Sky's the Limit

The transition to cloud-based servers helps schools boost efficiency, simplify management and improve accessibility.


The Lowdown

Next Stop, Ubiquity?

More schools should consider extending the benefits of mobile learning to the bus.

Contributor Column

ConnectED: A Superintendent’s View

Boost student achievement through technology integration.

From the Editor

Embracing Change

Tablets are changing the way children learn. The time to adapt is now.