Oct 13 2021

Interactive Ed Tech Tools Help Drive Student Engagement

Solutions from GoGuardian and Pear Deck help teachers generate student engagement and maximize instructional time with real-time views of student work.

Student engagement is a high priority for educators across K–12.

In its 2021 State of Engagement Report, GoGuardian’s research insights underscore the value of learning experiences that address the whole child — creatively, cognitively and emotionally. Strong and meaningful teacher-student relationships can help make this vision a reality, especially when digital tools are used to bring students in at every step of the learning process.

Regardless of the format in which instruction is delivered, teachers report that engagement happens best when the human element is front and center. And engagement drives success, setting up students to do their very best, both inside and outside the classroom.

DISCOVER: Tools from GoGuardian support student engagement in classrooms and virtual learning environments.

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Fly View Productions/Getty Images