Aug 10 2021

Navigate Government Funding to Optimize Network Health

A wave of pandemic-era grants presents a rare opportunity for schools and districts to fund tech purchases that fuel student success.

Federal money for tech purchases sounds great — and it is. But many education leaders are struggling to untangle acronyms and application deadlines as they seek their share of new federal funding.

“One challenge is just the overwhelming state of education, what they’ve experienced over the past year,” says John Harrington, CEO of the consulting firm Funds for Learning. “Then you bring in these fantastic opportunities, but there are deadlines and new forms, and it’s a challenge when the rules are still being written. It would be great if we could pause and give people a chance to plan, but it’s all happening in real time.”

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Here’s what district leaders need to know to make the most of this moment — including what steps they must take by the end of September to avoid missing out on a source of nearly guaranteed funding.

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