Aug 11 2021

ASCD Launches New Virtual Learning Community

The online platform aims to connect educators to resources, communities and one another to support professional development.

On June 24, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development announced the launch of a new virtual community. The goal of the ASCD Professional Learning Community is to connect educators from all corners of the country in a “vibrant, collaborative online space for professional growth and exploration,” according to the press release.

The platform is designed to make connections among more than 10,000 educators. Aimed at supporting professional development, members will find forums with discussion topics, advice and opportunities to network.

ASCD launched the resource during its annual conference this year, an event with more than 4,000 virtual participants. The organization plans to continue adding community groups for educators over the next couple of months.

On the platform, members of the ASCD Professional Learning Community can access resources curated specifically for their needs and attend webinars. In addition to virtual events, there are forums where educators can converse on specific topics. The resource will help K–12 educators not only grow in their profession, but also grow their professional learning network.

To support that goal, community groups are organized by educators’ affiliations. There are groups based on region and others based on educational discipline. Members will also find groups where they can discuss their various interests — from educational leadership to student-driven learning – and pick up tips for achieving their personal goals.

“Just as our educators are tending to the whole child in their classrooms, ASCD is committed to supporting the whole educator across the many demands they face both in- and outside of the classroom,” ASCD Chief Impact Officer Penny Reinart said in the press release. “ASCD’s Professional Learning Community is a virtual space centered around educator well-being that also provides a platform to amplify the voices of educators nationwide.”

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