Apr 21 2021

Review: Logitech M325 USB Wireless Mouse Is Portable, Dependable and Usable

Get work done in the classroom anywhere with the Logitech M325 USB Wireless Mouse.

When my students were issued Chromebooks at the beginning of the school year, I quickly realized how difficult it was for some of them to get used to the laptop’s track pad — especially students with dexterity issues. As if virtual learning was not stressful enough, students were suddenly thrust into learning a whole new input method. “How do you right-click? Why is my cursor moving all over the place?” These were just a few common questions I heard.

For students and teachers who find maneuvering a track pad a bit too challenging and prefer something more familiar, the M325 USB wireless mouse by Logitech is a great alternative.

Setup is fast and easy. During testing, I was immediately impressed with how quickly the mouse connected via USB. The moment I plugged in the receiver to a free USB port on my laptop, the cursor immediately sprang into action. IT pros will appreciate deploying these little peripherals as there are absolutely no drivers to install since it is completely plug and play. The M325 is also highly portable. Unlike wired mice that can get tangled up with other cables, the M325 travels well. It is so light, in fact, that it can easily fit in a person’s pocket.

Productivity, Comfort and Versatility: A Trifecta of Features

The M325 can improve both students’ and teachers’ productivity. While the evidence seems mostly anecdotal, many people claim they get more done with a mouse over a track pad. Thanks in part to the M325’s micro-precise scroll wheel, navigating web pages, viewing slideshow presentations, and scrolling through spreadsheets feels almost effortless. Another cool feature about the scroll wheel is that it is designed to tilt — a feature that is especially helpful when surfing the web. Just place your index finger on the scroll wheel and tilt it to the left to make the wheel behave like a back button. Tilt the wheel to the right to navigate forward.

When it comes to comfort, the M325 is pleasing to use. Its rounded, contoured shape and soft, rubber sides make it easy to use for an extended period. Whether I was editing a video lesson for later, creating a classroom demo of a 3D object or simply surfing the web, I felt no hand fatigue. These little details matter over time. For example, even with the sound of the mouse click, I think Logitech found a happy medium — not too loud nor too soft — giving it an overall satisfying sound and tactile feel.

The M325 is also versatile. For example, when I delivered a PowerPoint presentation to my class, instead of being stuck tethered to my computer with a wired mouse, I simply placed the M325 on a book and controlled my presentation from various locations around the classroom. It is common knowledge among teachers that proximity is a major key to good classroom management. Thanks to the M325, I was able to mitigate interruptions and redirect students back on task much more efficiently.

DISCOVER: Logitech offers peripheral educational technology for K–12 teachers and students.

Tailor-Made for Student Expression

Students love to express their individuality with a splash of color. Logitech must have been paying attention to this fun fact about kids because recently, the company began offering the M325 in a variety of colors. The earliest computers only came in beige, and for the longest time, mice seemed to only come in black. I have a feeling Logitech’s marketing team had some fun naming these colors too, because some names are funky : “rose glamour” stands out as one example.

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Logitech Wireless Mouse Specs


More to Love about the Logitech M325 USB Wireless Mouse

One remarkable feature about the M325 is its battery life. Thanks to some advanced energy conservation technology under the hood, Logitech claims this mouse can last 18 months before requiring a replacement of its preinstalled, single AA battery. Imagine going the entire school year and then an entire six months into the subsequent year before having to replace it. Incidentally, the battery, as well as the universal USB receiver, are both located in a compartment underneath the mouse, concealed by a removable plastic cover.

All in all, the comfort, style and enhanced productivity that come with the Logitech M325 USB wireless mouse make it a great contender for any classroom learning environment.

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