Mar 26 2021

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Elevate your lessons with this versatile, easy-to-use 4K laser projector.

The CineBeam 4K UHD HU85LS by LG is an ultra-short-throw laser projector that delivers a remarkable viewing experience. With 8.3 million pixels (3840x2160 resolution), the HU85LS produces picture detail four times the resolution of Full HD with jaw-dropping image quality. While no projector I’ve ever reviewed can display perfect blacks, the HU85LS comes as close to true black as I’ve ever seen. The contrast is stunning and sharp, with a contrast ratio of 2,000,000 to 1.

Weighing in at just under 27 pounds, this projector is no lightweight, so if a school plans to share the projector and move it from classroom to classroom, I recommend placing it on a mobile cart. This will give teachers the ability to create a large projection display in nearly any classroom arrangement and turn virtually any wall into an instant learning environment. For a more permanent installation, the projector can also be mounted to the ceiling.

Deliver Commands with Voice-Directed TV

One great accessibility feature built into the HU85LS is LG CineBeam AI ThinQ with Google Assistant and Alexa. Once connected, users can easily control content with their voice using the Magic Remote (included) and Bluetooth compatibility. With a simple touch of a button, anyone can command the TV, saying, for example, “raise volume 5 percent,” “what’s the weather?” “open ‘Our Planet’ on Netflix,” or “remind me to input grades later” — just some of the commands that could be used.

While the two 5-watt integrated stereo speakers in the sound bar are ideal for an intimate workspace, most schools will probably want to add a more powerful external sound system for larger classrooms or multiuse rooms. The TOSLINK digital audio output and the two HDMI 2.0 ports provide options for connecting to an external sound source or integrating with an existing sound system.

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Easy and Flexible Installation

Setting up the HU85LS was supereasy. No wires running through the ceiling were required, and I simply set the projector a few inches from the wall and plugged it in. The throw distance (distance from the projector chassis to the screen) for a 90-inch-diagonal screen is only 2.2 inches, which produces an image approximately 78 inches wide and 44 inches high.

For testing purposes, I placed the HU85LS in different rooms with varying degrees of brightness; for example, no windows, one window and three windows. If you use the projector in a room that has a light on most of the time, you should buy a screen to optimize your experience (look for an ambient light rejection screen).

LG CineBeam HU85LS Product Specs

Remote, Digital Content and Technical Troubleshooting

The HU85LS comes with the LG Magic Lighting Remote (model name AN-MR19PJTR). The white device complements the aesthetics of the HU85LS, and its rounded shape makes for comfortable one-thumb menu navigation. Teachers and students can easily reach and operate the directional wheel and clickable center scroll button. The remote is powered by two included AA batteries and connects via radio frequency¬ instead of infrared, which means it does not require a line of sight with the projector; in fact, it will operate within approximately 32 feet of the device. Similar to a laser pointer, it is simple to use: Wherever you aim the remote, the cursor follows.

Users can also download and install additional compatible apps from the LG Content Store, including Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Plex and many more. While you can neither download nor install the Google Play Store, you can share and enjoy the content stored on your smart device through the projector after installing the LG TV Plus app from the Google Play Store for Android phones, then run the app from the smartphone on which you have downloaded and installed it. Note, however, that both the smartphone and the projector must be on the same network.

IT leaders will appreciate the RJ45 port, which gives technicians the ability to provide support and troubleshoot the HU85LS remotely. Thanks to IP control, a technician can configure, diagnose and solve certain projection issues from any network-connected computer.


RESOLUTION: 4K UHD (3840x2160)

DIMENSIONS: 26.8x13.7x5 inches

SCREEN SIZE: up to 120 inches diagonal

LAMP LIFE: 20,000 hours


CONNECTIVITY: Wireless, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB Type C

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