Jan 26 2021

5 Tips for Better Cybersecurity

With the rise in K–12 cyberattacks, cybersecurity is a top concern for school districts. Here are best practices to boost your cybersecurity and protect your data.

With remote learning now the norm in many school districts, K–12 cyberattacks are at an all-time high, and IT staff are working around the clock to strengthen their defenses.

Eastern Carver County Schools in Minnesota has a more comprehensive approach to cybersecurity than most school districts. Craig Larsen, information systems administrator at ECCS, shared the following security best practices:

1. Hire an Independent Security Firm

It’s critical to use external resources to verify your security controls and adjust the controls as needed to stay ahead of the changing threat landscape.

2. Regularly Patch and Upgrade Computer Software

Districts need to conscientiously apply software updates and the latest security patches to their notebook computers. Otherwise, they will be exposed to vulnerabilities.

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3. Deploy Multifactor Authentication to Fortify Security

Using a second method to authenticate and verify users — beyond passwords — improves security.

4. Implement a Cloud Access Security Broker

A CASB tool allows IT administrators to enforce security policies for cloud applications. Features include data loss prevention, and malware and phishing threat protection.

5. Back Up Data to Prevent Ransomware and Cyberthreats

Create a disaster recovery plan that includes making a backup copy of your data and keeping it offsite to protect it from ransomware and other cyberthreats.

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