Jul 26 2019

Educators Believe Video Will Be the Key to Personalized Learning

Nearly 100 percent of teachers agree the future of learning will be visual, according to a new report.

Out of over 1,400 surveyed teachers from around the globe, 98 percent agree interactive video will be the future of personalized learning, according to a 2019 report from software company Kaltura

“Video has become a critical technology in the education tech stack today,” said Michal Tsur, Kaltura’s co-founder, president and general manager of enterprise & learning, in an email to EdTech. “As highlighted in our report, as classrooms continue to evolve, interactive video will be key in building more immersive and active—rather than passive—environments for students to learn in.”


According to Kaltura’s report, the survey found four distinct findings around video in K–12 education: 

  1. Preparing Students for the Workplace: Nearly 100 percent of respondents agree future employees will need to have basic video production skills. Additionally, 82 percent of respondents believe the next generation of students will have increased expectations around the amount of video content included in their learning.

  2. The Virtual Classroom, and Anytime, Anywhere Learning: Educational video content goes hand-in-hand with the growing popularity of online classroom learning. Nearly three quarters of respondents report using lecture capture, and over half plan to use the technology more in the future. Video for student assignments and remote teaching and learning were two of the most common uses of video reported by educators.

  3. Improvements to be Made Around Accessibility and Analytics: While 74 percent of educators use captioning software, nearly 20 percent are still creating their own, indicating a need for automated software integrations. There is also the potential to combine analytics software to improve video production. Currently, only 34 percent of educators are using this technology, the report notes.

  4. Increasing Demand for Video Capture Tools: While nearly all educators reported video increases student satisfaction, more than half still do not have full access to video-capture tools or training. This also holds true for students, 63 percent of whom also do not have access.


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