Apr 10 2018

Cloud Tech Optimizes Workflow for K–12 Schools

Cloud tools help create efficiencies for IT staff, teachers.

When the IT department rolls out a new technology in a K-12 school, having a cloud-based management tool is basically a requirement.

With the cloud, slim IT staffs are able to help teachers and administrators leverage technology to create personalized learning experiences and manage student data. As more storage and server functions are moved to the cloud, IT staff can help schools save money and valuable time.

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The Cloud Makes Learning from Anywhere a Breeze

Leaders from many organizations, such as Future Ready Schools, talk about how schools can enable anywhere, anytime learning. Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits associated with moving to the cloud. IT staff, administrators, teachers and students want to be able work wherever they are.

G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 are the most recognizable cloud-based systems. These cloud platforms are also highly customizable, so it’s easy for IT staff to turn apps on and off as they see fit.

Targeted Vendor Questions Can Ensure Secure Data

Any data that was once stored on-premises could also potentially move to the cloud. However, school administrators, and even IT staff, are sometimes reluctant to trust the cloud to secure sensitive information, such as student records and payroll data. As people increasingly hear about data breaches in the news, many connect this to the emergence and growing popularity of the cloud. But, if IT staff vet and choose a trusted cloud provider, and take a multilayered security approach, this sensitive school data can be protected.

Obviously, IT staff should look into providers and vendors with a healthy dose of skepticism. IT staff and other school leaders should go into vendor meetings with questions regarding the federal mandates for data privacy.

If school staff need help shaping those questions, online communities such as Reddit and Spiceworks are perfect places to get advice from peers. Sometimes it just makes sense to talk to someone who has been through it and can advise on the pitfalls.

Create IT Workload Efficiencies in the Cloud

With classroom tools and data management on the cloud, the workload becomes lighter for IT staff, who can worry less about daily operations and can focus more on larger projects, such as network upgrades.

There are always more IT projects than time in the day. Figuring out what will save staff time and putting it in the cloud is integral to IT innovation.

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[title]Connect IT: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Technology

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