Apr 11 2017

Quiz: Who's Who in K-12 Ed Tech Innovation

As educators, students and tech leaders, we often take for granted the classroom conveniences afforded by ed tech innovations—only when a piece of technology malfunctions or is removed/disallowed do we fully understand its utility (instructional or otherwise). But where did these innovations come from, one might distractedly wonder? How can one possibly sleep soundly at night without knowing the first person to attach an eraser to a pencil, or invent detention?

It's in this spirit—albeit a much more tech-focused one—that we challenge our readers of EdTech: Focus on K–12 to test their historical knowledge of some of the biggest tech innovations now found in classrooms across the globe. 

You might find that some of the tech you use daily is much older than you thought! Take our quiz below to find out how much you know about ed tech innovation in K–12.


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