Jan 28 2016

Managed Tablet Bundles Simplify K–12 Mobility Initiatives

Thanks to provider-managed mobility programs, IT can spend less time setting up, deploying and securing devices.

Mobility is transforming education, enabling a learning model that emphasizes technology as a differentiator. In turn, technology-driven education models help prepare students for success. In K–12, tablets are preferred by some schools because the form factor is light enough for easy transport and collaboration but big enough for productive learning and testing.

In Minnesota’s Pine Island School District, a one-to-one tablet program in the high school has improved student productivity while creating equal opportunities for the entire school population. Student productivity is on the rise because of increased engagement, the availability of online organizational tools and time savings. Teachers, meanwhile, enjoy improved productivity thanks to the instant feedback they get through online testing, which lets them identify subject matter that needs further attention.

However, mobile learning programs can significantly affect IT staff productivity. With a device-to-staff ratio that’s much higher than other industries, how can school IT departments manage mobility mandates while also handling other tasks?

Managed tablet bundles offer a new option. IT departments can offload not only the administrative tasks that come with mobility programs, but also the deployment, management and support of devices. Managed bundles simplify the tablet selection and procurement process by funneling all purchases through a single provider. Further, by taking advantage of configuration services and the enterprise mobility management software included in a subscription, school IT workers find it easier to set up, roll out and secure devices. Tablet subscriptions also offer a set of preselected voice/data plans from different carriers, making it easy to compare plans without the hassle of shopping around.

The Google Play for Education platform is seeing a high rate of adoption in many school districts, based on several factors, including the popularity of the Google Apps for Education suite, simplified device configuration and management, and a relatively lower price point.

With a provider managing mobility programs, IT staff, students and educators all see productivity benefits.

To learn more about the benefits of bundling, read the white paper “Graduating to a Managed Tablet Subscription.”