Sep 25 2014

Google Grants $2M of Teachers’ Wishes with DonorsChoose Fundraiser

The company's 'flashfunding' helped teachers in cities across the country reach their goals.

Educators face the struggle of securing the funds to make their teaching dreams come true. When school budgets don't meet their expectations, they can reach out for help but don't always get what they need.

Google helped this school year start off a little brighter. Throughout September, the company has donated more than $2 million in six states and Washington, D.C., through the crowdfunding site, a nonprofit that helps teachers reach their classroom supply needs.

Google’s “flashfunding” has helped teachers buy materials such as notebooks, paper and pencils, as well as carry out special class projects.

Google's approximate donations to city schools include:

  • Los Angeles: $1 million
  • Seattle: $335,000
  • Washington: $232,000
  • Kansas City, Kan.: $190,000
  • Boston and Cambridge, Mass: $185,000
  • Austin, Texas: $85,000
  • Pittsburgh: $64,000

“We owe a lot to our teachers and want to thank them for being a constant source of inspiration,” Gerardo Interiano, public affairs manager at Google, told Crowdfund Insider.

Google left the following message concerning one teacher's fundraising project to bring her class to a science lab in Missouri.

"Every day, you go above and beyond for your students. Today, to say thanks for everything you do, we're funding your project and all projects in the greater Kansas City area. We hope this helps kick off an amazing 2014-2015 school year full of creativity and new learning experiences for your students."

Google has swooped in on similar fundraisers through in the past. In May the company donated $340,000 to Atlanta-area schools, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. And in August, the company partnered with Staples to give more than $380,000 in classroom supplies to Chicago schools, according to Crowdfund Insider.