Using YouTube videos, teachers can make their history lessons come to life.

May 12 2014

Using YouTube as a Time Machine for Your Classroom [#Infographic]

Planning a lesson around YouTube just got easier and more fun.

The days of wheeling the TV cart into a classroom just to watch a single video are over.

YouTube is revolutionizing educational video content in the classroom, but getting started can be intimidating.

This infographic from e-Learning Infographics is a treasure trove of information on the basics of using YouTube videos effectively in the classroom. It includes links to several hubs for educational videos, from the Library of Congress to NASA and the US National Archives.

The graphic also displays some key tips for educators who are just getting started. Spending time to create a channel allows teachers to cut back on search time by queuing up a playlist of videos in advance. It’s also a good idea to review all the material before showing it to a class.

Whether you're new to YouTube or a pro, you'll find information in this infographic that can be used in your classroom

Infographic: Turn Your Classroom into a Time Machine

<p>Courtesy of e-Learning Infographics</p>