Jan 28 2014

Discovery Launches Curiosity.com for Everyday Learning

The television network known for its educational programming sets its sights on curating learning content on the web.

In the era of independent learning and massive open online courses, Discovery Communications has to adapt its strategies to compete with the wealth of educational content available to its audience.

While Discovery actively creates it own educational content, with Curiosity.com, the company is seeking to curate the best of the web’s educational content as a one-stop shop for curious students and educators.

Gabe Vehovsky, Discovery’s executive vice president for digital strategy and emerging business, spoke with VentureBeat about the need for a central place for serendipitous learning.

“We want Curiosity to introduce people to something new, something they didn’t even know interested them, whether that’s chess, astronomy, cake decorating, chemistry, economics, genetics, investments or gardening,” Vehovsky said. “People are happy to view their education days in a rearview mirror, and that’s a shame. If we can help make learning online a more predominant activity, that’s the best case scenario.”

So far, the site has 76 content partners and should have around 100,000 education talks and videos, according to the VentureBeat article.

Here’s a sampling of the educational content available on Curiosity:

The Volcano That Caused the French Revolution

Do Fetuses Poop?

Printable Robots