Dec 30 2013

The 10 Most Popular EdTech: Focus on K–12 Stories in 2013

Take a look back at the most popular EdTech stories published this year.

There are several sweeping changes at work in K–12 education and EdTech: Focus on K–12 has been there to cover several innovative trends that have transformed the classroom experience.

The move to make kids more computer-literate has been gained incredible momentum this year from a policy and purchasing perspective. Some schools, for example, are introducing typing in kindergarten or making computer science a core subject like Chicago did at the end of the year. Other educators are working to hard to equip students with the necessary skills to become savvy digital natives on a variety of fronts.

Another significant development in K–12 education is the continued effort to integrate social media into the classroom and curriculum. With Facebook and Twitter now officially public companies, it's safe to say social media is here to stay. But despite social media becoming more commonplace, teachers are still grappling with maintaining security and privacy for students and understanding how social best fits in the K–12 environment.

From a product perspective, educators and schools couldn't get enough of Chromebooks. Google's affordable, lightweight, cloud-powered line of notebooks made several schools, students and teachers buzz about the future of 1-to-1 computing.

Among the top 10 stories of the year is our annual list of Must-Read K–12 IT blogs. This is particularly noteworthy since the list was built with the direct input of readers.

Be sure to check the Must-Read list out along with the other top posts of 2013.

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