Jun 11 2012

Power Jam: The Merits of Optimized Power and Cooling

Finding efficiencies is a top priority for districts looking to optimize their IT infrastructure.

Designed to deliver maximum battery runtime in a sliver of space, the Powerware 9355 20000 VA Power Array can fit just about anywhere. At just 12 by 33 inches, including the batteries, the 9355’s small footprint makes it a cinch to slip next to a desk or between other pieces of equipment in a crowded environment.

Like several other power arrays on the market, the 9355 isolates sensitive equipment from the downside of commercial utility power — outages, spikes and brownouts, for example — but unlike its competitors, the 9355 focuses on supporting equipment for long periods of time instead of just short cutovers. Using three-stage charging technology to increase battery life, Powerware claims runtime triple that of comparable systems. That extended runtime gives a generator time to kick on, and even allows operators sufficient time to gracefully shut down their equipment, if necessary.

For districts that need more juice, Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) can be added to increase runtime by two hours. Enterprises that need additional capacity or redundancy also can take advantage of Powerware’s Hot Sync technology to run the unit in a parallel configuration.

With a total harmonic input distortion below 5 percent, the 9355 is generator-compatible. It’s also designed to transfer the maximum amount of power from the source to the load, ensuring that equipment receives the clean, conditioned, reliable power it needs to avoid malfunctions or damage. This makes it ideal for districts that need to protect expensive or highly sensitive equipment. And a high outlet power factor (0.9) gives the 9355 the ability to power more devices than competitors of similar size.