Apr 13 2009

Spark Creative Writing with Clip Art

Make writing fun by integrating clip art into the writing process.

Make writing fun by integrating clip art into the writing process.

Clip art can be an exciting tool for students to use in their work. This lesson extends the use of clip art beyond the basics and provides students with the opportunity to think and act creatively through writing.

Lesson Description:

Explain to students that a rebus story is one in which pictures have been substituted for some words. Point out that in a rebus story, the pictures are often used in place of a noun. Review the meaning of a noun. Show the students examples on the Internet, and read a rebus story together.

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Using Microsoft Word, begin writing a rebus story together with the class. Remind the students that a good story should have a problem and a solution. Using a projector or interactive whiteboard, write a few sentences of a story, replacing nouns with clip-art images. Once students understand the process of writing a rebus story, ask the students to write their own stories.

Subject Area:

This lesson, developed for students in grades three through five, can be used to fulfill a technology requirement in any language arts or writing class. It can also be used as a lesson to review technology skills using Microsoft Word.

Curriculum Standards:

The standards addressed in this lesson include:

  • Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Science and Technology for Grade Four: Identify basic computer operations and concepts; use basic computer software.
  • Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening for Grade Five: Write poems, plays and multiparagraph stories; write with a sharp, distinct focus; edit writing using the conventions of language.
  • ISTE Educational Technology Standards for Students: Creativity and Innovation: Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas; create original works as a means of personal expression.


Grading Rubric:

This activity can be graded using a checklist and teacher observation. Students can be assessed on technology skills, writing skills or a combination of both.


The Melting Snowman

By Jacqueline Markowitz

Once upon a time there was a snowman that started to melt. snowman went to his friend penguin to ask what to do. penguin said to swim in the ocean. snowman said that he did not know how to swim. snowman and penguin were thinking of what to do the whole night. Finally they searched on the computer and they went to ask.com. snowman and penguin asked , What do you do if a snowman is melting? snowman and penguin saw that it said ask a friend. snowman and penguin became very disappointed. They wanted to do what the computer said so they went to their friend seal. seal said that the best way to stop melting is to sing. snowman and penguin thought that was a crazy idea but he tried it anyway. It worked! penguin saw that he could not even melt because he was an ice snowman! seal, snowman, and penguin all celebrated. It was the happiest day of snowman’s life.


Teaching Tips:

  • Prepare your students; they should have some experience using and manipulating clip art.
  • Plan ahead because this assignment will take several class periods to complete.
  • Make sure the students have a location on the network to save their stories.
  • Use a color printer if possible to make the stories more appealing to students.