Jan 27 2020

Why Ottawa University Built a State-of-the-Art Esports Arena

While other campuses may have a room with a dozen computers set aside for esports, Ottawa University, located in Ottawa, Kan., provides its esports team with a fully outfitted arena in its Larry D. Peters Auditorium. The university set up the stadium with a state-of-the-art video production system and broadcasting capabilities, in addition to stocking it with computer power through a build-out with Horizon AVL and CDW. 

The arena supports the university's goal of training students for careers in esports after graduation.

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    • Derek Beach, Captain, Varsity Overwatch Team, Ottawa University
    • Connor Alne, Esports Head Coach, Ottawa University
    • Arabie Conner, Director of Athletics, Ottawa University
    • Adam Caylor, Director of Technical, User and Esports Operations, Ottawa University

Video Highlights

  • Ottawa University, an 800-student school in Kansas, decided to build a major esports arena to recruit students and train them for jobs.
  • Ottawa Braves Captain Derek Beach is one of the students benefiting from the build-out, which he says is a major draw for his university.
  • Head Coach Connor Alne and others train the students in esports competition and multimedia production.

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