Sep 01 2023

Higher Ed Reimagined: Digital Creative Lab Allows Students to Explore Interests Using Technology

The University of Southern California recently opened its Digital Creative Lab in the basement of the Leavey Library. Designed based on student input, the lab includes an esports arena with professional-grade broadcasting equipment, a podcasting studio, a 3D printer, a video production suite and more. Open 24/7, students can use the lab anytime, either under the supervision of IT staff or independently. The university will allow the space to grow as student interests evolve.




    Raj Singh, Learning Technologies Design and Engineering Manager, University of Southern California

    Joe Way, Former Director of Learning Environments, University of Southern California



Video Highlights

  • The underutilized basement of a University of Southern California library is an ideal home for the school’s new Digital Creative Lab.
  • University leaders asked students about the technologies they were interested in using and outfitted the space with equipment to help them learn.
  • The Digital Creative Lab is open around the clock, allowing students to get hands-on experience with the latest technologies and pursue their creative endeavors anytime.