Nov 03 2022

If Football Is a Game of Inches, Esports is a “Game of Milliseconds”

For Albertus Magnus College, a small liberal arts college in New Haven, Conn., competitive video gaming, or esports, represented an opportunity to heighten its profile while offering a valuable activity for students. Jeremy Peterson, a network analyst and media coordinator with the college’s IT team, helped found the college’s esports program. At the recent CDW Executive SummIT: Making Future IT a Reality, Peterson explained how CDW helped build out the college’s esports arena and offered insights into how the program benefits students and the college itself.

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    Jeremy Peterson, Network Analyst and Media Coordinator, Albertus Magnus College

Video Highlights

  • Albertus Magnus College sees its esports program as a powerful tool to attract students to its campus and encourage them to stay for a degree.
  • CDW helped outfit the team with hardware to help give team members a competitive edge.
  • The Albertus Magnus esports program has quickly grown to include about 10 percent of the college’s student body among its participants.