Oct 30 2020

EDUCAUSE 2020: How Automation Can Help Universities Balance Security and Privacy

On many campuses, openness and independence are among the traditional cornerstones of academic freedom. Yet in the technology-driven environments of today's colleges, particularly at research-intensive institutions, IT leaders must strive to balance that openness with the need to keep data secure. Similarly, colleges must achieve a balance between the emphasis on data-driven instruction and decision-making and the imperative to protect privacy. Automated tools are making it easier to address both aims, even as colleges dramatically scale the amount of data they process.

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    • James Cassidy, Security Analyst, University of Oklahoma

Video Highlights

  • Academic research data is often subject to a unique set of security concerns, from the sensitivity of data to regulatory requirements. That poses a challenge as IT departments seek to balance data protection with open academic environments.
  • The increasing scale-up of data on college campuses may necessitate the use of automated solutions to manage risk effectively.
  • As automation improves, IT departments will be able to decrease the amount of manual processes that require human intervention, thereby improving security and increasing privacy protections.