Feb 12 2024

Bowie State University Modernizes Physical Security System

In early 2021, Maurice Tyler, CIO and vice president of IT for Bowie State University, began evaluating the university’s legacy video surveillance system. At this historically Black college and university located in Bowie, Md., disparate video camera systems installed around campus didn’t communicate with each other. Tyler partnered with the facilities management and public safety departments to identify a solution, and the school chose to replace the aging system with a cohesive video surveillance solution from Verkada.


    Amani Jennings, Dean of Students, Bowie State University

    James Booker, Deputy Chief of Police and Assistant Director of Public Safety, Bowie State University

    Maurice Tyler, CIO and Vice President of IT, Bowie State University

Video Highlights

  • Bowie State University’s previous video surveillance system consisted of a disparate collection of security cameras that did not communicate with each other.
  • The modern physical security system includes cameras with next-generation features such as face recognition and license plate scanning.
  • With the new system in place, Bowie State officials have a comprehensive view of the campus, which complements the community-oriented policing model the public safety team strives to follow.