Oct 16 2019

EDUCAUSE 2019: Questions Higher Education IT Leaders Should Be Asking Around Security

Answers to frequently asked questions can be helpful, but what happens when important questions are left out of an FAQ? EdTech visited security vendors to find out what infrequently asked questions IT leaders may want to consider when building out their campus security infrastructure.

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    Renee Patton, Global Director of Education, Cisco

    Ralph Figueiredo, Regional Alliance Director, SLED, Okta

    Gerri Hinkel, Director of Solutions and Vertical Marketing, Aruba,

Video Highlights

  • Security is multifaceted and should be considered from both a digital and physical perspective.
  • When integrating new technology, IT leaders should ask how these tools will help consolidate current security infrastructure, optimize it or both.
  • It is crucial that IT teams consider how any new upgrades will fit into an existing campus infrastructure.