Dec 14 2018

Secure IoT Devices on Campus

Internet of Things devices are proliferating on college and university campuses. So, how do IT professionals at these institutions prepare for the security risks associated with IoT? Integrate the devices to student experiences and use software to understand those experiences, IT leaders say. That way, it will be easier to provision network services accordingly, says Jerry Sheehan, CIO of Montana State University.


    Anthony Salcito, VP of Education, Microsoft

    Jerry Sheehan, CIO, Montana State University

    Wayne Geils, Solutions Architect, Northeastern Illinois University

    Alex Henson, CIO, Virginia Commonwealth University

Video Highlights

  • Work with a consortium of vendors to combat and control IoT security risks.
  • Devices on networks have tripled, so IT pros have to isolate them on network segments in order to manage and secure them.
  • Treat IoT devices just as any other hardware that uses the network, experts advise.