Oct 17 2013

EDUCAUSE 2013: Cloud Control

Cloud computing has been part of the IT landscape for several years now. But misconceptions about what it means for infrastructure and applications persist. Higher ed leaders explain how their institutions have leveraged the cloud for maximum usefulness to all stakeholders.

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    • Sean P. Connolly, The George Washington University
    • Dr. Marc Hoit, North Carolina State University
    • Brian D. Voss, University of Maryland
    • Sue B. Workman, Indiana University
    • Kirk Moore, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
    • Paige Francis, Fairfield University
    • Cameron Evans, Microsoft Education

Video Highlights

  • Cloud migration doesn't solve all problems. But it does offer an off-premises storage solution that's quicker to manage.
  • Maintaining network infrastructure through IT is still vital even with off-premises management. 
  • Many institutions are "gun shy" about cloud migration, but the technology has the potential to create entirely new applications that leverage new mobile devices, says Cameron Evans, CTO of Microsoft Education.