Universities are improving diversity within their IT supply chains, connecting vendors with resources, and better reflecting their local communities and student populations.
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Student Counsel

Annual EDUCAUSE report reveals student modality preferences vary but most share some technology-related frustrations.


Moving into the Metaverse

Virtual reality creates unique spaces and learning opportunities for the next generation of Black professionals.

Product Review

Volume Up

Easy-to-use headphones add power to the listening experience.

Get Smart

A Culture of Care

Data analytics and on-demand support can propel students toward graduation.

Tech Tips

Ditch the Passwords

A step beyond multifactor authentication, passwordless platforms offer stronger security.

Security Save

Outside the Inbox

University IT teams must remain vigilant as phishing, vishing and smishing attacks all represent a threat.

FAQ Five

At Your Service

Outsourcing security operations with a virtual CISO can help universities supplement their staff and provide 24/7 coverage. Here are five questions to ask when evaluating provider options.

Product Review

Documents Digitized

This versatile device combines ease of use on the front end with powerful administrative tools for managing an entire fleet.

IT Futurist

Optics Matter

Researchers believe light-based data transmission could have a place in the future of computing.



Equipped for Success

University athletic departments provide tools to boost academic success.


Virtual Care

Immersive technology is transforming nursing and medical education.


Tools of Their Trade

University departments provide professional development to help faculty teach effectively with modern digital tools.


Ahead of the Curve

Schools that offered courses with at least some remote learning aspects before the pandemic have found ways to make hybrid instruction a success.


From the Editor

Mindset Shift

Higher education institutions must be willing to adopt new technologies and ideas for long-term success.

Contributor Column

Breaking Barriers

Supporting marginalized communities within a university IT department means prioritizing mentorship, recruitment and community.

Contributor Column

Expert Evaluations

Identify gaps in your cybersecurity with a thorough, holistic report that includes recommendations for shoring up your defenses.