Get ready for digital transformation, artificial intelligence and data privacy to gain speed and maturity in the months ahead.
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Top Performers

For first-rate IT teams, focusing on teamwork is ideal as the "complexification of information" demands more collaboration, not less.

Product Review

Stay Connected

Wireless access points provide an easy-to-manage backbone for IT staff.

IT Futurist

On the Safe Side

Internet of Things devices could help colleges improve accessibility for students and staff.

Product Review

Tighten the Net

Add multiple protection layers with a platform that offers customization and user-friendly remote management.

Get Smart

Built for the Future

A Massachusetts college transforms a 19th-century warehouse into a fully wired student center.

Tech Tips

Speed Things Up

From startup programs to troubleshooters, fine-tune these features to boost system performance.

FAQ Five

High Density

The new standard makes sense for high-density areas of campus.

Security Save

A New Era

Start small and build a cross-functional team that works in partnership with students, faculty and administrators.



Threat Detection

OmniSOC and similar partnerships help higher education improve threat monitoring and response.


A New Reality

As virtual reality matures, students and faculty get a glimpse into a three-dimensional future.


Close Connections

Michigan’s Alpena Community College uses a Cisco platform to support healthcare targeting the opioid crisis.


Smart City, Smart Campus

Colleges are ideal settings to develop and test IoT initiatives.


Letter From the Editor

Moment by Moment

In higher education, users’ interactions with campus IT add up to a complete experience.

Contributor Column

On Their Own Terms

Colleges must be conscientious in matters of access, disclosure and bias when developing data-driven interventions.

Contributor Column

AI and Your Team

Tap peer-to-peer learning and other resources to prepare your team for the expansion of artificial intelligence applications.