When IT leaders share their experience, know-how and perspective with students, everyone benefits.

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Product Review

Product Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Great processing power and handy tools for studying and sharing move this device to the head of the class.


The Big Game

North Carolina State University shares how to leverage gamification in course development and set students on the right career path.

The Business of IT

Keep It Together

Container server technology may prove the next big thing for system admins.

Product Review

Product Review: Veeam Availability Suite

Veeam Availability Suite offers a full feature set and easy, cloud-ready backup.

Tech Trends

Wanted: Smarter VM Backup

As colleges migrate away from legacy backup technology, they’re taking advantage of new VM-specific backup software and more efficient data storage hardware.

Tech Focus

Bridging the Gap

Reduce cyber risks by ensuring the institution as a whole understands the broader security picture, not just that of their department or lab.

Tech Insights

Change Your Network Fabric View

Squeeze greater efficiencies and cost savings from your campus, lab or departmental network.



Q&A: Top 10 Tech Issues Facing Higher Education in 2016

Leaders from four universities offer their takes on the latest tech trends and discuss how they will meet those challenges.


Retaining Beauty, Reclaiming Function

Implementing wireless throughout architecturally significant campus buildings brings unique challenges, but the results prove worthwhile.


Space for Rent

A Wisconsin college creates a colocation facility that’s recouping costs and making a positive impact on other institutions throughout the region.


A Connected Home Away from Home

Today’s students arrive on campus fresh from homes where they can connect all of their devices seamlessly. Why should they slow down just because they moved to a dorm?


From the Editor

Protect the Campus Network

As cyberattacks become more common, it's time for higher ed IT leaders to implement comprehensive security solutions on campus.

Contributor Column

We Need More Women in Higher Ed IT

Changing mindsets is only the first step to ensuring IT teams improve diversity among their ranks.

Contributor Column

Time to Move to Windows 10?

Microsoft’s latest operating system comes with enhanced features that higher ed faculty, students and IT staff will appreciate.