Feb 08 2016

Product Review: Veeam Availability Suite is a Solid, Cloud-Ready Backup Solution

Veeam Availability Suite offers a full feature set and easy, cloud-ready backup.

Veeam has gained a lot of traction with the Veeam Availability Suite (VAS) backup software, becoming one of the first companies to fully support virtualization software giants VMware and Microsoft.

In addition to supporting basic operating systems such as Windows Server and Linux, VAS 8 allows administrators to back up all virtual machines on a hypervisor such as vSphere 6 or Hyper-V, avoiding the parallel processes of backing up each individual VM separately. VAS also supports a variety of specialized server software applications such as Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange and Active Directory, as well as specific storage hardware features from vendors such as EMC, NetApp and HP.

A full list of the features in VAS runs many pages, along with the add-ons found in the new 9.0 version — a free upgrade for anyone who purchases 8.0. Suffice to say that either version can cover an entire higher ed enterprise environment, including hypervisors, servers and applications, with features to prevent the IO storms that can result from trying to back up multiple VMs simultaneously.

The new version, 9.0, includes integration with storage arrays to leverage snapshot features, which can improve backup times by a factor of 20, as well as deeper integration with SQL Server and Oracle databases that allows restores at the transaction level, providing a previously impossible level of granularity.

The 8.0 version we tested offers a quick, easy installation and excellent management features, as well as specific support for a wide variety of large-scale storage, database and hypervisor systems. It’s easy to recommend this product for virtually any environment. Per-CPU pricing means that a single-server environment can use the same features as a large data center without exorbitant pricing for extras.

Veeam Availability Suite

Platforms: Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, Active Directory and more
OS: All operating systems supported by VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V
Licensing: Per CPU socket for one year

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