Apr 29 2021

5 Technologies for First-Year College Student Success

Enhance first-year student experiences with these education technologies.

It is simultaneously a hopeful and challenging time to start college. Although most higher education institutions are preparing for in-person classes this fallnew variants may potentially disrupt return to campus plans.

While laptops, tablets, and high-speed Internet are some of the most critical components for quality online and hybrid learning experiences, here’s a look at some less obvious technologies for enhancing online college experiences.

1. A More Comfortable Hybrid Learning Experience With Bluetooth Earbuds

A Bluetooth wireless headphone with a mic can offer extra flexibility during online or hybrid learning. Tangled cords, begone! Better yet, Bluetooth earbuds give students the freedom to roam around campus — or home environments — without having to carry devices with them.

Compared to regular earphones, Bluetooth ones can provide higher sound quality and connection stability during online or hybrid learning. While there are many brands that sell Bluetooth earbuds with mic capabilities, Airpods are a popular one.

 2. External Webcams Help Students Look Their Best

It is normal for college freshmen to feel nervous about first impressions. Having an adjustable external webcam like the Logitech Brio makes it easy for students to find their best angles on camera.

Not to mention, external webcams also offer significantly higher resolution video quality.

3. Portable Batteries Limit Hybrid Learning Disruptions

Videoconferencing is a major battery drainer. Having a portable and rechargeable battery for phones, laptops and tablets is important for minimizing online classroom disruptions.

These batteries typically come with a USB-C connection, so students can use them to charge most devices whenever AC power is not available.

4. Bluetooth Speaker Enhances Studying Experience

Portable, bluetooth speakers are nice to have if students want to listen to music as they study outside. These compact speakers are easy to use no matter where students are.

The superior sound quality can also help improve the virtual office hours experience.

5. Adapter Dongles Help Students Keep More Devices Connected

Some laptops these days only provide a single port for USBs. But chances are, students will need more than one for all their devices. This is where adapter dongles come in handy. The adapter has additional built-in ports, allowing students to plug more devices into their computer at a time.

These dongles can connect to USB-C, USB-A, lightning and mini USB ports. Since the USB-C connector offers faster data transmission, using this port can help improve the quality of video streams.


This article is part of EdTech: Focus on Higher Education’s UniversITy blog series.


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