Feb 16 2018

Hands-On IT Work Prepares Students for Lucrative Jobs [#Infographic]

Research shows that work in the tech industry will be in high-demand for graduates.

As more colleges look to prepare students for their futures, providing hands-on IT opportunities is becoming more prevalent. At University of California, Berkeley, for example, students are a key component of the IT help desk.

“Once they graduate, these students have much more professional experience than people who only complete short-term internships,” says Anne Marie Richard, director of student technologies at UC Berkeley in an EdTech article. “Our student leads, in particular, come away with skills in HR and management, and they can demonstrate high levels of professionalism and autonomy.”

Some universities have even created student data centers where students can work with the full spectrum of technology they might encounter IT. At Fox Valley Technical College, students can build physical servers, tear everything down and start over as much as they want.

As IT jobs continue to grow, these kinds of hands-on experiences are integral to make students future ready. Take a look at our infographic below to see how lucrative an IT degree can be.


scyther5/Getty Images