Nov 30 2017

Nontraditional Students Are More Satisfied with College

Online and adult learners are currently having better college experiences than their peers.

In recent years, universities have embraced technology as a way to connect with nontraditional students and expand learning beyond the campus. These efforts seemed to have worked.

A new national survey has found that online and adult students are generally more satisfied with their college experience than the so-called traditional students, Campus Technology reports.

The survey found that 67 percent of adult learners and 74 percent of online learners rated their level of satisfaction as "satisfied" or "very satisfied," compared to just 53 percent of traditional students.

Online learners were also more likely to indicate they would re-enroll in their current institution if they had the opportunity to change.

The survey also released the top drivers of student satisfaction:

  • Registering for classes without conflict
  • Tuition is seen as worthwhile
  • Instruction quality
  • Unbiased faculty
  • Helpful feedback from educators and advisers

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