Jun 22 2017

Online Students Need More Interaction with Peers and Teachers [#Infographic]

New research shows online learners are seeking more interaction, mobile device support and career services.

With millions of students enrolling in online classes and that growth continuing, university administrators want to make sure their courses are up to standards and their students are supported.

A new report from the Learning House and Aslanian Market Research measures the opinions of 1,500 online students regarding everything from course satisfaction to study methods in the hopes that it can help universities keep their online programs up to students’ standards.

“No longer can online education be seen only as ‘flexible’ and ‘covenient,’” reads the report’s introduction. “The conversation needs to become more nuanced, and institutions need to more clearly share the positive outcomes that come with completing degree and certificate programs online.”

Most notably, more than half of students indicate that interaction with educators and peers for an online course is important to them. About a quarter of the students surveyed say online courses would be better if there was more contact and engagement. For more on the report, check out the infographic below.

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